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A Little About Myself:

     I have been an avid reloader and trapshooter for the past fifteen years.  In 2010 I served as President of the Oklahoma Trapshooters Association and am still very active in that organization.  Once I began competing seriously, I was shooting too much ammo to afford the new stuff. My experience from the "games" we shot taught me that one couldn't buy a factory shell to break those darn targets at 45 yards, so hence the reloading began.
     For the past ten years, I have been shooting around 20,000 shells per year. The savings has been great but I feel I also get a more precise load for each discipline I shoot than when I shoot only new ammo. I also get a great deal of pleasure from reloading and then competing with my own product.
     My reason for starting Rick's Shooting Supplies was that it has gotten more and more difficult to secure product. It seems we were running all over creation trying to come up with all the components to keep going. I carry a complete supply of downrange wads, several brands of 209 primers, several brands of powder, very nice re-claimed shot, and most major brands of new shotshell ammo. I make lots of shoots around Oklahoma  and can usually bring product with me if you will call ahead and let me know your needs (Check my Schedule). I can't guarantee you a winning score  but I will guarantee you great service and a big smile with every purchase.

     Thanks for visiting my site,
     Rick Bliss

Contact Information:
      Phone: (580) 716-2365
     E-Mail: rickbliss58@gmail.com

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